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Mommy Needs A Rant Session

If you are a regular follower here, most of you know that aside from sleep consulting I am the mom of two young girls - a toddler and a preschooler. I may have lots of answers when it comes to children and sleep but I will not claim to be a parenting expert. I am just doing my best as a mom each and every day and some days go far better than others. I have had some difficult parenting moments this week and I just need to get it off my chest. Although I am feeling like much less than a stellar parent at the moment, I am hoping that by venting it will allow me to share my vulnerability with others who truly get it. Just one of the challenges that I have been facing this week is the screeching - and there currently seems to be A LOT of screeching happening around here between our two daughters. It has almost become a default mechanism for the two of them as soon as something doesn't go quite right between them. PLEASE tell me this does get better! And, oh how I could go on about how the never-ending cleaning, laundry, food prep and clean up after the meals which seems to be a staple in our daily lives. I swear yesterday I swept the kitchen floor 6 times in a two hour span due to the play dough, paper cutting, food prep and meal times etc.  Most people would probably just let it go but I guess I was trying to maintain some sense of control in a time when I have felt so out of control. On a sleep related note, my 3.5 year old has officially given up her afternoon nap! Although we still implement quiet time it is definitely not the break that a nap used to allow us to catch up on chores, work or just to take some down time. And, I should mention that although she no longer naps, she could most definitely still use one which means she is not the most pleasant to be around from about 3pm onwards (and believe me that is putting it mildly). The nap strike has thus resulted in even more screeching. Well, on that note I am over and out and thanks for listening to my rant.
If you can relate to any of this, please feel free to share any rants or commiserations you may have below. It always eases the pain to know we are not alone in this crazy parenting journey. Sweet dreams all.

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